Customised Rotational Moulding Machine

As they say variety is the spic of life & change is a continuous process; Rotomoulding inventions have been uplifting our lives either directly or indirectly in many ways.

Hence P. KUMAR ENGINEERS as a company believes that there is more than just offering Catalogue products and always looks forward to an opportunity to satisfy unique demands from the Rotomoulding industry.

We are more than happy to take up Customised Projects and design & develop Rotomoulding machines accordingly. We have been and can offer a wide range Bi-Axial Rotomoulding Machines viz. 1/2/3/4/Multiple/Independent Arm, Bi-Axial Machines with Fixed Turret & Fixed Oven, Fixed Turret & Moving Oven, Moving Turret & Moving Oven, Moving Turret and Fixed Oven types, Shuttle Type Rotomoulding Machine, etc depending upon the requirement.